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Black Trilogy - Contemporary Art





Chen Zeng's paintings explore the emotional world in which we live - our inner world and the ever-changing emotional world around us. The paintings represent the psychological state of the individual in the 1990s, a place where the conscious and the unconscious intersect, as we struggle to find our place in the ever-changing environment of an era. It seemed impossible to escape from many things, that one should face the cruelty of reality, the tragedy of history. At that time there was a particularly strong feeling as if we were living in the repetition of history, and my works also prescribed the sense of the absurd in a virtual space, focusing on the symbolism of intentionality. Also reflecting on the painting, he intersperses traditional brushwork with surrealism, in the process using other material mediums to further expand his ideas.

special thanks.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the following people for their support and help in my final year project. Without their help, I would not be able to successfully finish my project.​

  • My academic tutor Dr. James Helling for his advice and suggestions in the project

  • My wood workshop tutor Tom Williams for helping and advice in the project 

  • My parents for providing me with the materials to work with

  • My friend (Ma hui) for her helping hand when setting up the large-scale paintings Black Trilogy



Chen Zeng

From China

University of Reading

BA Fine Art Year 3 Student


Instagram: @frank_chen_art


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